Reflect. Restore. Rediscover.

You know that true wisdom is inside of you,
but it can be hard to hear
above the noise and stress of everyday life.
You wish you had the space
to truly care for yourself.
To breathe deeply and listen to your intuition.
To seek health and joy.
To just be.

Reflecting Together is an innovative retreat that brings together leaders in key fields of health, spirituality, neuroscience, and psychiatry to provide the ideal environment for healing, learning, and self-reflection.

This unique event offers the perfect balance of profound insights and peaceful moments to re-energize the brain and body, and to awaken the mind and spirit.

Following a Reflecting Together Retreat you will:

  • Have increased clarity about your life path
  • Feel empowered to face challenges with confidence
  • Have more self-awareness and reliable strategies for coping with the stresses of everyday life
  • Experience a deeper sense of spiritual connection
  • Experience the power of words as well as the power of silence
  • Feel increased vitality and a renewal of energy so that you can ease into the next steps of your journey