Nisa King, MA

Nisa Kim
Nisa King is a holistic Life Coach with a background in Psychology and Information Technology. Having worked as both a project manager and resource manager in large corporate settings, Nisa excels at organization and coaching. She uses intuitive communication to foster individuals and teams to perform at the peak of productivity, and she has actively contributed to a culture of joy at the companies where she has worked. Whether she is providing customer care, maintaining industry standards, or facilitating staff support and development, Nisa is not only a strong leader, but also perseveres with walking her talk.

  • Has a Master’s degree in Psychology
  • Has run a private Life Coaching practice in Pismo Beach since 2007
  • Is trained in a wide range of healing and wellness modalities
  • Has experience in organizing and facilitating workshops in areas such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, the Healthy Living Program, Qigong, and Dynamic Meditation
  • Has a multidisciplinary background and focused presence that allow her to be flexible and creative in offering clients the their health, happiness, and professional success
  • Is committed to helping people achieve balance from within through the harmony of body, mind, and spirit