Megan Barnhard

Megan Barnhard
Megan Barnhard is a writing coach and group facilitator with over 13 years’ teaching experience. She helps writers of all ages discover their voices and the tools that help them put their passions on the page. She is dedicated to helping people share their ideas and use writing to thrive — whether they’re building academic skills, businesses, or relationships. As a workshop facilitator and community leader, Megan helps foster compassionate communication, active listening, and deep sharing among groups with diverse beliefs and backgrounds.   

  • Has a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, with a major in philosophy and a minor in the history of math and science
  • Has run her private educational practice, Whole Education, since 2006
  • Is trained in multi-sensory techniques for teaching reading, writing, and spelling and has extensive experience working with learning-disabled and gifted students
  • Conducts writing workshops and is an experienced presenter and mistress of ceremonies
  • Is an active community volunteer, facilitating programs for youth and seniors