Pedro Guimaraes, M.D.Dr Guimaraes

Founder of Reflecting Together

Dr. Guimaraes is a Psychiatrist with experience in Psycho-pharmacology and Psychotherapy. He has also an extensive experience in Neuroscience (over 40 years). He has done research on the relationship of the Limbic System (the part of the brain related to emotions)… Learn More

Nisa KingNisa Kim

Nisa King is a holistic Life Coach with a background in Psychology and Information Technology. Having worked as both a project manager and resource manager in large corporate settings, Nisa excels at organization and coaching… Learn More

Sonja Lindstron

Sonja Lindstrom, RN, MFT

Sonja is a Mother, Artist, Registered Nurse, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She blends various modalities including Guided Imagery, Movement, Art, Poetry and Essential oils to foster Hope, Inspiration, Healing and Transformation… Learn More

Megan Barnhard
Megan Barnhard

Megan Barnhard is a writing coach and group facilitator dedicated to helping people formulate and clarify their thoughts through writing and speaking. She uses compassionate creativity to help people contribute to the Universal Conversation… Learn More